2024 Interior Design Trends

2024 Interior Design Trends


It’s 2024, and we welcomed the new year in classic fashion. Well, almost.

While New York City dropped the ball, Idaho lowered a potato, and Pennsylvanians gathered to watch a box truck tumble from the sky. The party once monopolized by the streets of Times Square made its way to Nashville, and the classic New Year’s Eve celebration became something new.

2024 is the year of reimagined classics, with movies like Twister and Ghostbusters finding new life on this year’s theater screens and the 1920s fashion aesthetic revitalized into common couture. It’s a year that recognizes the nuances of nostalgia and polishes up old memories to be reboxed into something fresh—and that includes interior design.

Collingwood Sofa with Oval Moon Coffee Table and Oval Moon Side Table

Design Trend #1:
Reinventing Boucle

Boucle fluttered onto the scene in a flurry of white fabric draped across trending silhouettes, but with time has become a sort of new-age take on what a classic fabric looks like. Weaving its way into the ranks of materials like leather and linen, boucle secured its spot in the minds and projects of interior designers. This year, though, we’re adding something new: color. With the days of stark white not far behind us, we’re looking to greens, browns, blues, and trending hues to give this classic a spark.

If you’re looking to start small, accent your current furniture collection with a lounge chair that offers a wave of subtle color. This allows you to incorporate multiple distinct pieces of character into a room without overriding your target aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to go big, though. There’s nothing quite like a statement sofa to strike up a conversation.

Alfred Boucle Sofa with Ido Round Coffee Table
Brasilia Boucle Lounge Chair

Design Trend #2:
Bold Colors

We’re cutting ties with bland design this year and opting for personality instead. That means it’s out with the beige and in with the bold. It’s time for fabrics that spark memories and silhouettes that describe a lifetime of travel, leisure, or both. It’s time for your furniture to tell a story: what will it say about you? Indulge in hues that excite you, calm you, intrigue you, or make you smile. Explore sofas you can drink red wine on and lounge chairs as exuberant as you during your favorite reality TV series.

Knowing where to start (and end) your color journey can be a bit of a trick. First, if you know what you want, go for it! If you’re hesitant about investing in a piece you’re not totally sure you’ll love, start small. Colorful counter stools for your kitchen can often liven the room and break the monotony of monochromatic tiles and countertops lacking that certain oomph. Plus, stools are something you’ll use frequently, so you can “girl math” the purchase down to mere cents per sit.

Industry West  X United Strangers Lounge Chairs
Elements Coffee Table with Surface Sofa
Fragments Occasional Table

Design Trend #3:
Innovative Materials

So long are the days of basic pairings and thoughtless construction. This is 2024, and your furniture should reflect that. Now, we’re looking at new materials that signify years marked by innovation and creation. We’re not talking The Jetsons-style—they will always be just a few years ahead of wherever we are. While we do want to incorporate materials that physically represent strides in creative thinking, we also look to pieces representing an era of thinking and feeling unique to us and this moment. Pieces like the Trunk Media Cabinet take a classic style and make it new, wrapping it in a seemingly unexpected material like leather, while evoking the sentiment that this is where your record player should live. It’s also in pieces like the Bay Side Table that take material as basic as plastic and as luxurious as marble and merge them into an aspirational yet attainable accent table.

Elements Coffee Table with Surface Sofa
Fragments Occasional Table

2024 beckons a new wave of classic thoughts on interior design trends. Whether furnishing your home or business, personality wins, and you don't always have to take chances to reinvigorate an old space. Look for color and character in the corners that just gather dust, and embrace the foundation of timeless design elements that brought us this far.


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