BümoWork and Industry West Collaboration

Chriselle Lim’s BümoWork Brings Co-working And Childcare Under One Roof


Chriselle Lim’s BümoWork Brings Co-working
And Childcare Under One Roof

Work and play—sometimes, you can have it all. We are so excited to share more about our continued partnership with the team at Bümo, this time in the form of BümoWork—an IRL coworking space where both kids and parents can thrive.

BümoWork and Industry West

Living through a global pandemic has taught us many lessons and has given us countless memories—most of which we’d soon like to forget (...flashback to washing ALL of our groceries). But 2020 has also shown us that while our circumstances may have changed, many of our priorities remain the same.

As companies and individuals examine how they’ll return to work, many parents are still experiencing the stress of figuring out how to meet the demands of their jobs while providing enough attention and support to their families. Bümo co-founders, Chriselle Lim and Joan Nyguen Trân, created a space with their top priorities in mind: parenting and their professions. 

BümoWork (bümo means “parent” in Korean) exists to empower modern parents to be present parents while working. Chriselle and Joan created a solution that brings balance to work and play. Their space offers support to working parents while providing a top-notch education for kids—ages 6 months to 5 years—through their BümoBrain program.

While their initial plan was to open in 2020, the shift to opening in 2021 provided unique opportunities for parents to see the value in having a hybrid environment—a place to accomplish their job outside of the home with a community approach to childcare.

BümoWork, located in Los Angeles, provides parents with meeting rooms, nursing stations, glam areas, delicious treats, and events, all within a beautiful workspace.

And that’s where Industry West and Favor come into play (pun intended.) Our co-founders, Anne and Jordan England, champion any effort to support working parents, as they, themselves have experienced raising their two young daughters while running multiple companies. When the opportunity arose, Anne and Jordan jumped at the chance to work with Chriselle and Joan on a groundbreaking work/play environment.

BümoWork and Industry West

Both Chriselle and Joan worked closely with Anne and the IW/FAVOR teams to find the perfect furniture to bring the BümoWork concept to life. The space needed to be warm, fun, and exude high energy, reflective of the personalities of its founders, Chriselle and Joan, while offering the functionality of a workplace.

Anne put it best: "We had a blast walking beside Chriselle and Joan as their idea came to life in LA! I feel like along the way we have all become friends as we navigate life and work as we slowly come out of the pandemic." 

Exclusively furnished by Industry West and FAVOR, the space is a soothing blend of neutrals with pops of bright pastels. The natural wood tones and signature stylistic pieces create a serene feel where grown-ups can focus, and kids can let their imaginations run wild. Accessories and toys by FAVOR added a chic, cute vibe to enhance the personality of the space.

In addition to the focus on style, the space was designed with health precautions in mind. You’ll find high-back private couches, spaced-out lounging areas, and separate workstations to maintain necessary health protocols.

Working with the Bümo team from design to installation has been a dream. We’re so excited to cheer on the success of BümoWork as they give parents the best of both worlds! 

BümoWork and Industry West
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