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How to Create a Soothing Bedroom Area in a Studio Apartment


How to Create a Soothing
Bedroom Area in a Studio Apartment


By Sarah Lyon

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Just because you live in a studio apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t create a relaxing, bedroom-like sanctuary in which to unwind from the day. There are many ways to cleverly arrange your space to create a separate bedroom area, which will allow you to easily unplug without feeling distracted by your nearby sofa or refrigerator. Below, some top interior designers share their tips for creating a bedroom zone in a studio apartment.

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Place a Special Light Beside Your Bed

Think of this as an excuse to pick up a new lamp! “Use different lighting when it's bedtime,” suggests Jen Dallas of Jen Dallas Interior Architecture & Design Studio. “Maybe it is a special floor lamp or table lamp you only use when it is time for bed—this keeps the space feeling different depending on what function you require.” 


Be sure to select a lamp that reflects your overall design aesthetic. For example, if you love a more coastal style, a woven lamp is perfect for your space. Crave a modern, sculptural touch? This curved lamp doubles as décor!

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Install a Partition in Your Studio

Willing to make some more permanent changes to your studio space? Try this trick from designer Charmaine Wynter

“I have found installing a partition from ceiling to floor creates a visual break that provides a feeling of privacy and the sense of being in another room,” she says.

There are a few ways of going about doing this, Wynter adds. One solution is to install a floor-to-ceiling curtain panel in your studio. However, placing a bookcase or etagere perpendicular to the wall will also “create a room within a room,” the designer notes. 


Or try yet another tactic: “A folding screen makes a great visual divider while adding an opportunity to bring another texture or a great wood finish into the room,” notes Christina Kim of Christina Kim Interior Design

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Lay Down an Area Rug

This is another tactic that will help to achieve the feeling of separate zones within your studio. “Area rugs always help create specific spaces,” says Shannon McIlwain of Lilt + Line Interior Design“It will add warmth and help unify all the bedroom furniture and accessories into one cohesive area.” 


McIlwain offers a couple of layout tips:

“The carpet is primarily under the bed, about a foot or two from the bedside tables, and extends past the sides and end of the bed,” she notes. “It’s okay to have an area rug over an already carpeted space.”

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Last but not least, adding some finishing touches to your bed area will help make your studio sleep space appear more distinguished. Select a couple of throw pillows and a blanket that speak to you, pick out a chic nightstand to house your alarm clock and some favorite reads, and grab a candle to light every night as you wind down. 


Studio living just got way more enjoyable!

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