Jaclyn Johnson

Jaclyn Johnson Brings a Hotel Inspired Feel to Her Home


Jaclyn Johnson Brings a Hotel Inspired Feel to Her Home

Entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Create & Cultivate, Jaclyn Johnson has serious style, and we were thrilled to collaborate with her on the design of the main bedroom of her new LA home.

Industry West X Jaclyn Johnson

Thoughtfully toeing the line between trendy and timeless, Jaclyn’s home (that she shares with her husband and two dogs) mixes colorful finishes, textures, and shapes against the home’s Spanish-style bones and beautiful city views. The end result is a super-fun vibe that’s full of personality (and basically what quarantine dreams are made of).

Working hand in hand with designer Ginny Macdonald, Jaclyn selected Industry West pieces for her home’s main bedroom that would, in Jaclyn’s words, make it feel like a hotel room (a welcome escape during a year when most vacations and fun travels have been put on hold).

We asked Jaclyn and Ginny a few quick questions to learn more about the project (and what it was like taking on a renovation in the middle of a pandemic)—to see the rest of her home, be sure to check out the feature in Architectural Digest and video tour.

Photos courtesy of Jessica Bordner and Sara Tramp, and styling by CJ Sandgren.

Cane Bed and Cane Partition
Graphic Sideboard

The Interview

IW: Your home is a beautiful Spanish style in Los Angeles—what drew you and your husband to this house in particular?

JJ: Spanish Style homes never go out of style. While I love some of the trendier houses like farmhouse style or even more modern, I think they can sometimes not retain their value long-term, but Spanish style is classic!
IW: Your home’s main bedroom perfectly toes the line between contemporary and classic—what was the goal behind its design?

JJ: I wanted it to feel like a hotel room! That was my number one goal! Creating a really sleek but functional look that still felt cozy.

IW: This bedroom is super fun—what made Industry West pieces a good fit for the space?

JJ: To say I am obsessed with Industry West would be an understatement! I had been stalking the Cane Bed for a while, it’s definitely the piece I get the most messages about. The modern silhouettes of the chair and the poufs were a perfect complement to the bed plus they have really beautiful rich colors.

Cane Bed and Hemlock Ottoman

IW: If you had to pick just one, what’s your favorite furniture piece in the bedroom?

JJ: I love the black sideboard—it’s both artful and functional and such a great bold piece to tie the room together!

IW: You and Jaclyn tackled a renovation/redesign in the middle of a pandemic—how did the general craziness of 2020 affect the design process and installation?

GM: With construction considered essential, we were still able to work and we just made sure everyone followed the CDC guidelines. The main thing that we battled against was lead times for products. Since a lot of manufacturers had to close their locations or reduce their staff to make it a safe working environment, it meant there were delays in shipping. A small thing to deal with considering everything else going on around us.

IW: What were your goals/guiding concept for the main bedroom, and how did it tie into the fun vibe of Jaclyn’s home as a whole?

GM: We went for a monochromatic vibe in here with some pops of color. The cane bed really is the highlight with the black rounded edges, it's one of my fave pieces. We used two long ottomans as the end of the bed bench and really drew on that for the linens. The rich pinky reds bring in such warmth and fun personality but feel sophisticated.

Plume Chair
Industry West X Jaclyn Johnson

IW: Do you have any tips to share for someone who’s looking to make their bedroom a more cozy and welcoming space (especially since we’re all spending so much more time at home these days)?

GM: I personally love to layer in patterns, tones of color, and different materials. Like with Jaclyn's bedroom, we used a linen duvet cover with a very fine pinstripe and a pale pink quilt on top. We then added 2 more cozy layers with the patterned mustard blanket and the fluffy red blanket. To bring it together we added the wine-red pillowcases. Granted, this was way more 'styled' than real life, but the elements are there.

Low lighting is another way to add a cozy feel. I hate overly bright artificial light, especially the blue LED that is out there. Light needs to be soft and warm and can be done with sconces or table lamps. Ditch the recessed I say, or at least get a dimmer :)


Industry West X Jaclyn Johnson
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