Key Healthcare Brings Compassion and Innovation into Support Model

Key Healthcare Brings Compassion and Innovation into Support Model


Key Healthcare Brings Compassion and
Innovation into Support Model


By Sarah Lyon

Photos By Christopher Lee

Transformative journeys require a heightened level of attention to detail.


Every step of the process must be strenuously considered to ensure it’s supporting the ultimate goal: In this case, supporting teens dealing with mental health and substance abuse struggles.

Key Healthcare x Industry West Interiors

Founded in 2015, Key Healthcare works to provide teenagers with essential mental health and dual diagnosis treatment, keeping the intersection between mental health and substance abuse top of mind.

“Addressing both of these issues at once is what leads to lasting recovery,” says Key Healthcare co-founder Ryan Blivas. He reflects on the success story of one teenager, a young woman named Sarah, who dealt with mental health challenges and substance abuse. He also reflects on how her time in Key Healthcare’s dual diagnosis treatment program prompted her to discover a renewed sense of hope and purpose. Sarah has since developed the tools to maintain her mental health and sobriety and is happily engaging in meaningful relationships and activities while working to inspire others.

Key Healthcare x Industry West Interiors

Key Healthcare Brings Life to a New Location

Recently, Industry West Interiors partnered with Key Healthcare to bring to life a new Teen Residential Treatment Center in Malibu, California. The partnership combined design expertise, compassion, and innovation, aiming to reshape the way people approach teen mental health.

Because of the therapeutic nature of the program, Malibu appealed to the Key Healthcare team as an ideal location, given that it “combines the beauty of nature, access to supportive resources, and a sense of privacy,” as Blivas explains. The geographic location, as well as the thoughtfully designed interior space, will help teenagers work toward improved mental health and well-being.

Key Healthcare x Industry West Interiors

Designed for Healing

Physical environment plays a key role in fostering one’s healing journey. “Creating a supportive and nurturing atmosphere can positively impact mood, motivation, and overall mental health,” Blivas notes. When drawing its design inspiration for this locale, Key Healthcare kept a number of factors and themes top of mind, the first of which is drawing upon nature and tranquility to “create a serene and peaceful environment,” Blivas shares. “The design elements incorporate the calming presence of nature, such as soothing colors, natural materials, and open spaces, to promote relaxation and a sense of well-being,” he adds.

The concepts of safety and comfort also shaped the design plan to ensure that teenagers feel secure during their stay. “We paid attention to details such as comfortable furnishings, cozy spaces, and a warm and inviting atmosphere to foster a sense of comfort and security,” Blivas comments. It was also essential to take into account privacy and confidentiality; this meant incorporating private living spaces and secluded outdoor areas to promote healing. One key element of the program is its ability to foster a sense of belonging and community, as well as a continued support network, and the design methods employed help to promote these ideals, too.

Cane Bed + Gaston Ottoman
Geo Lounge Chair Set + Thick Top Side Table

It was also important to keep the treatment environment free of triggers and distractions. “By carefully selecting the location and designing the physical space, we can create a sanctuary free from external stressors and negative influences, allowing individuals to focus on their recovery and personal growth,” Blivas adds. The completed space also promotes various therapeutic methods, including art therapy, mindfulness spaces, outdoor activities, and comfortable common areas for group therapy sessions.

Compass Upholstered Lounge Chair + Gaston Ottoman + Klerk Desk + Finley Task Chair


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