Verdo Chandelier

Verdo Lighting Collection With Studio UNLTD Brings The Outside In


Verdo Lighting Collection With Studio UNLTD
Brings The Outside In

Our Verdo Lighting Collection is an exclusive collaboration designed in partnership with the award-winning design firm, Studio UNLTD. The modern, biophilic designs present themes found in nature with the intention to create a connection to the outdoors even when inside. Each lighting piece provides moments of personalized flair, making each fixture an individual creation.

Industry West X Studio UNLTD Verdo Collection

The Verdo Lighting Collection

Each of the five lighting fixtures in the collection is inspired by the asymmetrical balance found in nature, constructed of mostly metal with a matte black finish and contrasting brown leather accents. The lights themselves feature dimmable, frosted glass globes in varying sizes according to the scale and proportion of each piece. The collection features both wall- and ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures and a chic table lamp.

What makes these pieces so unique, though, is the presence of metal mesh spheres on each fixture, designed to be filled with small pieces of faux or real greenery—drapey succulents or air plants work best, but the sky’s the limit. The plants balance in asymmetric harmony with the softly illuminated glass globes, a design that invites exploration and experimentation with different botanical combinations. It's lighting that's endlessly customizable, and we can’t wait to see what our customers create.

Industry West X Studio UNLTD Verdo Pendant
Industry West X Studio UNLTD Verdo Collection

“We love the idea of creating a design product that still leaves a bit to the imagination and extends the longevity of the piece.”

Nature without asymmetry lacks individuality—the Verdo Collection presents this idea through its unique asymmetric designs. Each piece finds harmony through the unlikely exploration of visual imbalance.

With each distinct piece in the Verdo Lighting Collection, you open your space to interpretive design that moves with you. Whether upgrading a room or overhauling your style, the Verdo lamps, pendants, and chandeliers evolve with your taste, allowing you to effortlessly style your lighting according to your favorite trends. 


Industry West X Studio UNLTD Verdo Table Lamp
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