Designing a Chic, Warm-Weather-Ready Patio

Designing a Chic, Warm-Weather-Ready Patio


Designing a Chic,
Warm-weather-ready Patio


By Sarah Lyon

If you’re fortunate enough to have a patio in your backyard, you’re going to want to ensure that it’s ready for the warmer days ahead. You of course want to make the most of your personal outdoor space after spending months cooped up inside during the chilly winter months. If you need a bit of guidance as you get your patio into tip-top shape for the season, read on to gather some pro tips from design experts.

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First, Determine the Feeling You Want to Create

Before you shop for patio furniture and decor, think about what type of setting you’d like to create on your patio. As Tiffany Piotrowski of Tiffany Leigh Design puts it, “Are you going for the feeling of dining al fresco in Italy, or do you want the feeling of a bright and fresh coastal retreat? Knowing the feeling you want to create will help guide your selections and result in a cohesive patio.” 

Wicker lounge chairs can bring a tropical resort feel to your home while teak dining chairs are great for those who desire a modern, neutral space. 

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Set Up Various Patio Stations

On a similar note, you’ll want to do a bit of space planning as you get started. “Regardless of how large or small your patio is, it is always good to have different stations set up,” notes home and DIY Instagrammer Sara Raak. “If possible, make sure to have a separate dining area and lounge area, putting the grill and prep stations next to the dining area,” she suggests.

“Regardless of how large or small your patio is, it is always good to have different stations set up.”

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Don’t Forget About the Power of Plants

Adding some green friends to your patio is a must, and not just for obvious reasons! As Kara Kersten of Kara Kersten Design notes, “Potted plants are the best way to add "walls" to your outdoor space by creating a visual boundary. You can add height to a medium pot by filling it with a tall palm, for example.” Plus, she says, plants are an automatic means of adding color to any setup. Why not try a fun planter bench, too?

Mix Mediums

Don’t forget about the importance of texture, even when designing an outdoor space. “Mix mediums like you would inside,” Piotrowski urges. “A healthy mix of stone, plaster, wood, and metal pieces will help your space to feel gathered and comfortable.” One way to add texture is through throw pillows. Kersten suggests opting for smaller pillows in lieu of larger cushions, as they’re easier to bring inside and store in the event of unpleasant weather. Rugs are another simple means of adding texture to any outdoor space and will keep bare feet feeling nice and comfy, too.

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Add Some Patio Mood Lighting

The right lighting will jazz up your space in an instant and make spending time outdoors all the more enjoyable. Piotrowski suggests opting for bistro lights, solar-powered lights, or lanterns with candles. “They will allow you to enjoy your space in the evening and create the ultimate evening ambiance,” she says. 

At the end of the day, outdoor living spaces are an essential component of modern homes. Now go ahead and figure out how you can use your space for relaxation, socializing, and recreation.

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