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Experiential Dining Requires The Perfect Seating


Experiential Dining Requires The Perfect Seating

When was the last time you were so engrossed in an event that you didn’t stop to pick up your phone to scroll through social media? When was the last time you were mesmerized by a moment that enlightened all five senses? It’s easy to fall into the same routine— answering emails, taking care of family, microwaving meals— and forget what it’s like to be lost in a truly immersive experience. Enter: Resident.

Industry West X The Resident NYC

Based in New York, Resident exists to cultivate the ultimate vibe. They host intimate dinners that highlight the talents of chefs from the world’s best restaurants in luxury spots around the city. We partnered with Resident to outfit and design their Quay Tower residence. We caught up with the Resident team and our Interiors Project Manager, Ivan Montoya, to highlight the exclusive experience and how IW furniture enhances the space.

First, we wanted to learn more about the Quay Tower venue and more about what each dining event offers.

Industry West X The Resident NYC
Industry West X The Resident NYC

The Interview

Industry West: Aside from those stunning views of the East River and the Statue of Liberty, what’s unique about the space in Quay Tower? What made this location a good fit for a Resident event?

Resident: We love our residence at Quay Tower because it feels so luxurious from the moment you step off the private elevator and into the apartment. The open kitchen-dining layout with floor-to-ceiling windows is not only breathtaking but provides the ideal setting for guests to watch our chefs in action throughout their meals. Resident always seeks out spaces with open kitchens— as the goal of every one of our events is to connect you with the faces behind your food.

IW: When designing inviting spaces for your events, what do you look for in the furniture and room décor you include?

R: Ultimately, the goal of hospitality is to create an environment where guests feel special, comfortable, and well taken care of. Furniture and decor are critical pieces to that puzzle, effectively setting the stage for the entire dining experience. Also, due to the varied nature of Resident’s events, it’s important [to us] to have modular furniture that can suit various party sizes and seating configurations.

Industry West X The Resident NYC

IW: In what ways does Industry West’s furniture serve the vision behind Resident events?

R: Industry West’s furniture is the perfect balance of form and function. Rich colors and plush, quality fabrics feel luxurious without being too precious; we love that every Industry West piece is truly designed to be lived in. We’ll often see guests sitting back and relaxing in our Cane Sofas long after their meal has finished, which we can’t get enough of! But best of all, our Industry West furniture is perfectly suited for our events: we selected Perch dining chairs for the dining room since they stack beautifully when not in use, and the square Topanga tables, with their crisp edges and pedestal design, can be seamlessly combined in a myriad of ways, allowing us to accommodate parties of 2-20 with ease.

IW: What’s the process for choosing the chefs for each event? What can guests expect from each culinary experience?

R: At Resident, we host intimate dining experiences in luxury spaces across New York City, featuring chefs from the world’s best restaurants - including Le Bernardin, Per Se, Atomix, Noma, Momofuku Ko, and so many more. We essentially provide our chefs with a platform to explore their creative sides in a way their day jobs may not allow. For example, we have three chefs who worked at Eleven Madison Park, and one cooks Taiwanese cuisine for his Resident dinners, one Contemporary Indian, and the other Coastal New England fare. Each Resident event is a totally singular experience, featuring bites and delights you can’t get anywhere else.

Industry West X The Resident NYC
Ivan Montoya, Industry West Interiors Project Manager

Now that you’re convinced that you need to book a reservation immediately (us too!), read more about how Ivan, our Interiors Project Manager, enhanced the ambiance with IW furniture.

IW: When you designed the space with IW furniture, what was your design direction? What cues did you take from the space when selecting pieces to bring in?

Ivan Montoya: We really wanted to focus on the open/airy quality of the space, especially with that view of the river and almost 50% of the space surrounded by glass gallery windows. Large pieces such as dining tables or sofa seating couldn't have chunky bases. We wanted to be able to "peer through" just about everything, really letting the light fill the space to its max. The cane-backed Perch Chairs and floor lamps with the cane shades all helped bring that ethereal quality to the space.

IW: What were the challenges of starting and installing this space in just three weeks?

IM: With the state of the world as it is, product availability was huge. We were lucky in that we certainly had a few options to play with! Communication and setting expectations were key, and when all parties are flexible and understanding, the vision is easier to accomplish.

IW: What do you most look forward to about designing more spaces for Resident events in the future?

IM: Resident has this passion for delivering the unexpected to their guests in an intimate and elevated way. We want a part of that! Industry West has never shied away from a project or partnership that embraces being genuine and different. It's easy to create what's already been created - copying and pasting. What we're seeking is the opportunity to create something new, something unexperienced, and something that will be remembered for years to come.


Industry West X The Resident NYC
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